Risk Estimates, Time Lost Dashboard & Teams

Nick Omeyer
Nick Omeyer
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At the end of every month, we'll share the highlights of what our team has shipped to help you rein in technical debt. For this first edition, we'll go over the major changes from March & April.

🎯 Velocity & customer risk estimates

It's now easier than ever to prioritise your issues — simply estimate the risk each issue poses to velocity and to customers to identify the most pressing issues! We've also redesigned the list of issues to focus on prioritisation.

Prioritise your issues

Developer sentiment

📊 Time lost dashboard

Our new time lost dashboard shines a light on the cost of tech debt to help you clearly communicate its impact on leadership and surface the most important issues to address.

View your dashboard

Time lost dashboard

👥 Teams & new navigation sidebar

Your team can now create their own space within Stepsize to keep things nice and tidy when multiple teams at your company are using Stepsize.

And leadership can get a high-level picture of tech debt across all teams.

Configure your teams

🔐 Domain-based access

We've made it much easier for you to get your teammates onboard — just switch on domain access and anyone with an email address with the same @domain.com will be able to join your organisation.

Configure your teams

Domain-based access

🙌 Need more help?

We're always happy to talk to you — book a quick chat.

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