Full Stack/Front End Engineer


£40-80k, >0-1% stock options

About Stepsize

Stepsize’s mission is to make software development more accessible, efficient, and powerful. This is the first sentence of the job description because it is crucial to us that we hire developers who identify with our mission viscerally so that they can carry it forward.

Our first product Layer is a desktop application that helps software developers who work in teams get their own work done and reduces the friction in collaborating with team mates. Layer achieves this by structuring data from the main tools they use every day (version control, code hosting, project management tools, continuous integration, and communication tools) and making it searchable via a search interface, but also directly from the code itself, git hooks, or via a CLI.

Over time, we’ll introduce intelligent assistive products and features to automate the vast majority of what is known today as software development.

Stepsize is backed by some of the best investors on the planet and has ample runway to iterate towards product market fit.

Your Role

As the first hire and a full stack developer, you will be joining a very tight founding team of long-time friends on their exciting adventure to shape the modern developer’s workflow and push the limits of what people expect from devtools. Expect full support and understanding from a team of four founders who are all technical and want nothing more but to make you part of Stepsize’s DNA.

If the thought of working with cutting edge web technologies to solve a novel set of UX/UI but also technical challenges makes you leap out of bed in the morning, this is the role for you. We are looking for someone that can help us tackle these complex problems, and take our app to the next level of polish. The ideal candidate will either be a full-stack developer with a tilt towards front-end, or a front-end developer with a flair for great UI/UX and a strong urge to learn new technologies.

Layer is a desktop app that talks to various other parts of the OS (editors via UDP sockets and the filesystem via watchers), to our own web backend and to other products via their APIs. The very nature of the product you will be working on will push you to learn, use, and build on top of a wide variety of technologies (React, Redux, Electron, Git, D3.js, third party APIs, data processing etc.). To top it all off, you get to build a product that fits your needs and that you as a software developer will love!

Aside from the expected technical ability, if you’re a self-starter who wants nothing more than to run with your own initiatives and appreciates candid discussions then come join us :)

Front End


  • Strong JS experience: at least 2 years professionally
  • Advanced HTML and CSS experience: 2.5 years professionally
  • Experience with a front-end framework (React, Angular, etc...): 1 year professionally. We use React.


  • Experience creating data visualisations
  • Experience with Flux/Redux
  • Experience with ES6 / Typescript
  • Experience designing and building custom UI components

Back End


  • Experience with at least one Node.js web server framework (Express, Hapi, Koa…). We use Koa
  • Experience with complex problems (complex APIs, data structures, intricate business logic)
  • Experience building schemas, and querying complex data on relational database (PostgreSQL, MySQL)


  • Experience building a flexible internal API
  • Some Devops experience
  • Experience with AWS

Please send us your CV and cover letter (optional) at join@stepsize.com and tell us why you’d be awesome for this position :)