Prioritise tech debt

based on

time lost
customer impact
team morale
money wasted

Report tech debt with actionable metrics, straight from your editor. Let Stepsize prioritise the debt you should fix and ship up to 50% faster.

* Based on research conducted by Stripe.

Some of the forward-thinking engineering teams using Stepsize

Why do I need a separate tool for tech debt?

Effortless tracking from editors

Engineers can track debt straight from their editors, dramatically increasing the amount of data you get.

Rich context to prioritise tech debt

Issues are linked to your codebase and contextualised with developer sentiment and metrics like “hours lost”.

Data everyone can understand

A focus on business priorities makes it easy to get buy-in from product and engineering leadership.

How teams use Stepsize

How it works



Report tech debt impact from your workflow.



Use insights to identify high value refactoring work.



Address tech debt blocking your roadmap.



Create tech debt KPIs and reports for your progress.

How much is tech debt costing you?

Engineers spend ~33% of their time dealing with tech debt. Find out how much it’s costing you with our tech debt calculator.

Stepsize for Engineers

Editor & pull request integrations

Securely report debt from your workflow and share knowledge with your teammates.

Focus minds on key technical issues

Show how tech debt is costing the business. Surface roadblocks to the product roadmap.

Help everyone understand tech debt

Capture & present clear information every stakeholder can understand.

Report tech debt
Surface key issues
Make debt visible

Stepsize for Product Managers

Take on truly impactful work

Use data to guide you through each decision and focus on high value refactoring work.

No more surprises, deliver consistently

Anticipate the risk factors in each project – your plans have never been so on-point.

Go faster than ever

Increase velocity up to 2x thanks to your foresight into technical challenges.

Prioritise effectively
Anticipate risk
Pick up the pace

Stepsize for Engineering Leaders

Create and implement your technical roadmap

Aligned with its product counterpart, your roadmap won’t be deprioritised for features.

Ensure you can meet business objectives

High-level dashboards help you resource teams properly and deliver for the business.

Build a happy, high-performing team

Get your team feeling like they're doing their best work and create an attractive engineering culture that helps you recruit.

Implement your roadmap
Meet objectives
Nurture your team

Plan better, ship faster

Greater visibility

Measure tech debt’s impact on your sprints to see its true cost.

Better decisions

Create product plans that eliminate technical risk factors.

Higher velocity

Ship faster with a healthier codebase and gain a competitive advantage.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Stepsize when I have Jira?

You need Stepsize to decide what to put into Jira.

Technical debt is contextual — the need to pay it back is a function of business priorities.

Stepsize is designed to help you make strategic decisions that serve your business priorities. Once you’ve commissioned some refactoring work, it goes into Jira. But until then, you can keep your backlog free of tickets that say “Refactor xyz” with no clear purpose or context.

How will you help us measure technical debt?

The Stepsize integrations allow engineers to report debt directly from their workflow.

When technical debt has had a clear, tangible cost, engineers can record that. In particular, they can track where they’ve lost time, and the product quality issues that can be traced back to tech debt.

This information is then visible to everyone on the Stepsize web app, organised by team and / or functional area of your codebase, showing the total amount of debt and its historical cost.

How will you help us reduce technical debt while we’re under pressure to ship features?

The notion that you have to choose between shipping features and addressing debt is a false dichotomy.

Every project carries some risk related to technical debt. Stepsize helps you identify these risk factors so you can eliminate them before they derail your plans.

You will ship features faster by addressing technical debt that stands in your way.

Isn’t there a risk we’ll start wanting to refactor everything even though we don’t need to?

Stepsize has been meticulously designed to focus your attention on technical debt that matters to your business while letting everything else fade away.

You’ll actually find the opposite — having a clear view of technical debt will help your team focus on impactful work and ignore the rest.

Do you need access to our code?

No! When you report some debt from your editor or from a pull request, Stepsize builds a Code Location that references the underlying code using metadata that isn’t sensitive, such as the file path, line numbers, and commit hash.

This means Stepsize can let you access your code without itself having access to it.

How will Stepsize help us save time and money?

Stepsize helps you become more efficient.

This means less development time wasted because of mishandled debt, which results in happier and more performant engineers.

It also means less bugs, downtime, and support requests, which results in happier customers and less wasted resources.

Every software project is impacted negatively by tech debt.

Stepsize puts a spotlight on this issue and helps engineers gain well needed visibility to make the correct calls moving forwards in their planning.

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