9 of the Best AI Tools for Software Developers in 2024

Ruth Dillon-Mansfield
Ruth Dillon-Mansfield
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We've picked out 9 best-in-class AI tools and software for software developers and software engineers. 1. Stepsize 2. Cody 3. Tabnine 4. Mutable 5. Codium 6. Mintlify 7. Grit 8. WhatTheDiff 9 Bugasura

9 of the Best AI Tools for Software Developers in 2024

2024 is here, so I think it’s the perfect time for us to take stock of the very best AI tools for developers that we can use to get ahead in the new year and improve our development processes.

So many new artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been released this year as large language models like ChatGPT have gathered meteoric pace. So I’ve picked out the very best tools every software developer should know about and have a play with.

1. Stepsize AI: Effortless Sprint Reporting

Stepsize AI writes perfect sprint reports for us.

Your team will thank you for introducing this time-saving (and effort-saving) tool. It writes sprint reports better than humans can, and that engineering leaders, POs and Scrum Masters adore.

It’s designed for teams using platforms like Jira or Linear.

Stepsize AI automatically creates sprint reports with the perfect amount of context and detail.

Stepsize AI Sprint & Agile Reporting Tool

With Stepsize AI, everyone’s aligned an on the same page about product development progress.

The AI processes data from your issue tracker, forms connections between projects and tasks and uses this to surface the perfect level of context and commentary.

Key features

  • Security-first approach that will please your security leaders
  • Context-rich sprint reports
  • Fewer time-wasting meetings
  • Gets people on the same page without taking people out of their flow
  • Works with Jira, Linear and soon many other issue trackers

Try it free? Yes, you can get your first report for free, and you don’t need a credit card. You’ll need permission to integrate with your issue tracker.

My view – Developers love using Stepsize AI to stay informed, and maybe more importantly, never have to write a sprint report (or be bothered for updates by the PO!) It’s great for providing the pertinent details without bombarding people with unnecessary info. 

Learn more about Stepsize AI here. You can get your first sprint report for free

2. Cody AI: Advanced Code Assistant

Cody AI accelerates our process of writing code.

Cody AI Coding AI

If you’re not using an AI coding assistant, you’re being left behind. (And if you’re still using GitHub Copilot, that’s probably still true!) They save time, and can help you out in all kinds of ways from suggesting code to automatically generating entire files through their natural language processing capabilities, and more.

This list has a few AI coding assistants and Cody is the first. By deeply analyzing your existing code, documentation, and code graph, Cody can give you speedy and insightful responses to queries about your codebase. 

Key features

  • Search and analyse your codebase with natural language prompts
  • Precise code navigation 
  • Language translation for code
  • Detailed code analysis and debugging assistance

Try it free? Yes, most features are available for free with a generous rate limit.

My view – For engineers dealing with expansive codebases, Cody is a great option. It enables developersunderstand what we’re looking at, write better code faster, and ultimately allows more time for actual coding.

Try Cody here

3. Tabnine: Established Code Assistant

Tabnine is a reliable, security-conscious AI code assistant that it’s easier to get approval for.

Tabnine - AI with Stepsize's CollabGPT for software engineering

Now built on GPT-3.5 and having evolved over five years, Tabnine is transparent, compliant, and offers a plethora of valuable features to help us devs write code faster.

Because it’s been knocking around for a while, they’ve had time to deliver strong, trustworthy security and compliance credentials that your managers will be reassured by.

It’s not the most powerful AI coding assistant on this list, but it might be worth the trade-off to be allowed to use it!

Key features

  • Reliable and secure coding assistance
  • Comprehensive training data transparency
  • Local out-of-the-box execution

Try it free? Yes, but it’s very limited – you just get short code completions. Whole-line and function completions are available for $12/mo/user at the time of writing.

My view – Tabnine is perfect for devs working for teams that are prioritising security and dependability over the latest tech novelties. Like its competitors, it integrates with popular IDEs (integrated development environments) seamlessly.

Check out Tabnine here

4. Mutable AI: Powerful Code Assistant

Mutable AI accelerates software development using AI.

Mutable AI

Aiming to eliminate the need for repetitive boilerplate code and unnecessary searches, Mutable ensures faster and better code delivery running on proprietary AI.

It’s the youngest code assistant on this list but perhaps one of the most high-tech and performant ones, with a rapid pace of development even compared to competitors. 

Key features

  • Codebase chat and semantic search
  • Multi-file AI edits
  • Repository intelligence for bug tracking and more

Try it free? Yes, at the time of writing you get a generous number of codebase chat and search queries and file edit calls for you to give it a spin. More features unlock at $25/mo/user and $50/mo/user

My view – Mutable stands out for its superior code completion capabilities, especially over multiple files.

Check out Mutable AI

5. Codium AI: Test-Writing Assistant

Codium ensures your code functions as intended.

AI for test writing Codium

By suggesting tests during coding, Codium helps us avoid pesky errors and bugs. As you code, the AI suggests intelligent test ideas, and can write them for you. Plus, it can show you how your code changes impact the wider system. 

Key features

  • Intelligent test suggestions – just commit
  • Insight into code behavior
  • Recommendations based on code, docstrings, and comments

Try it free? Yes, you can try all the key features for free, but you have to pay $19/mo/user at the time of writing to add tests to existing test suites, get enhanced security and a few other features.

My view – Maybe you love writing test suites, but if you’re like the average dev, it probably isn’t in your top 3 activities. And introducing a big bug by accident can probably ruin your day, and maybe your evening. Codium helps us ship with more confidence, without the hassle of painstakingly writing tests.

Visit Codium AI

6. Mintlify Writer: Code Documentation Writer

Mintlify Writer writes your docs for you.

This tool should be a fan favourite. It takes all the pain out of (arguably) one of the most painful and annoying parts of engineering – writing the docs. It automates the creation of context-aware documentation, allowing more focus on the fun stuff.

Key features

  • One-click comprehensive documentation
  • Support for various programming languages
  • Context-aware description generation

Try it free? Yes

My view – Welcome to a world where the docs write themselves. You’re very welcome.

Check out Mintlify Writer here

7. Grit.io: Code Migration Simplifier

Grit.io automates technical debt management.

Grit Code Migration TOol

Grit, currently in beta, specialises in handling tasks like code migrations and dependency upgrades. With Grit, intimidating chores turn into straightforward tasks.

Key features

  • Automation of technical debt tasks
  • Code migrations and upgrades

Try it free? Yes, at the moment Grit.io is in beta and is free for teams of up to 20 developers.

My view – With Grit, we no longer have to have sprints dedicated to migrations. Grit is ideal for teams juggling legacy systems or frequent code migrations. It makes it much easier to get up-to-date with technology updates without derailing ongoing projects.

Learn about Grit.io here

8. WhatTheDiff: Code Review Optimizer

WhatTheDiff offers automated code review suggestions.

Code Review AI WhatTheDiff

By providing automated suggestions and summaries, WhatTheDiff simplifies the intricate process of code reviews, especially for extensive codebases or regular pull requests. Plus, it’ll describe your pull requests for you.

Key features

  • Instant code refactoring suggestions
  • Pull request simplification
  • Comprehensive reporting and notifications

Try it free? Yes, you get a quota of tokens that equates to roughly 10 PRs for free with no credit card required. Or upgrade for $19/mo for roughly 40 PRs at the time of writing.

My view – If you’re working in a high-speed development team where frequent pull requests are a fact of life, WhatTheDiff makes the process of code reviews much faster and more painless

Check out WhatTheDiff here

9. Bugasura: Efficient Bug Tracker

Bugasura optimises bug reporting and resolution.

Bugasura issue tracking and tech debt AI

By consolidating all your bugs in one place and using AI to link similar bugs, it ensures we spend less time on bug detection and duplicate reports.

Key features

  • AI-driven identification of similar bug reports
  • Collaboration features like tracker links
  • Contextual bug reporting add-ons

Try it free? Yes, all features are free for up to 5 users. For larger teams, it’s $5/mo/user.

My view – Bugasura is a blessing for engineers dealing with a deluge of bug reports, particularly if they use diverse sources for bug management.

Check out Bugasura here

That’s it.

Embracing the right AI development tools already gives savvy software developers a competitive edge. I hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful.

I’d love to know if I’ve missed any AI software for developers that you recommend.

I’ve been working on Stepsize AI, a tool that effortlessly gets people aligned through effortless sprint reporting.

You can get your first report for free (you don’t need a credit card) so I’d love to hear your feedback.

You can check out Stepsize AI here.

Never trawl through Slack, Jira or GitHub for updates again.

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We've picked out 9 best-in-class AI tools and software for software developers and software engineers. 1. Stepsize 2. Cody 3. Tabnine 4. Mutable 5. Codium 6. Mintlify 7. Grit 8. WhatTheDiff 9 Bugasura
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