EazyBI versus Stepsize AI for Jira Reporting

Amneet Bains
Amneet Bains
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How does EazyBI's business intelligence tool stack up against Stepsize AI for business metrics and reporting?

What is EazyBI?

EazyBI is a business intelligence (BI) platform for Jira and Confluence users. It allows the import of data from Jira instances and external data sources, enabling the creation of detailed custom reports. We can then integrate these reports iinto Jira dashboards or Confluence pages.

Where is EazyBI strong?

EazyBI is a well-liked tool with a subset of larger companies, particularly large modern enterprises.

Their BI tools are generally geared for organisations that need advanced, complex reporting. And, in this respect, they’ve earned a great reputation next to some of their closest competitors, such as Tableau and PowerBI.

In particular, large enterprises enjoy that EazyBI…

  • Is comprehensive and powerful. EazyBI's robust functionality, akin to Tableau and PowerBI, supports complex calculations and data manipulation. There’s very little you can’t build in terms of reports in EazyBI.
  • Integrates external data from many sources. Beyond Jira, it can incorporate data from other systems, offering a broader organisational perspective.
  • Has a separate database for performance. EazyBI's data storage method reduces performance impacts when displaying reports in Jira.

EazyBI at non-enterprise businesses

As we’ve said, EazyBI is really geared for highly resourced, large organisations with complex reporting needs.

But, their tool has shortcomings for many smaller businesses with less complex needs and less access to resources.

  • You need expertise. You’ll need a team of developers familiar with multidimensional expressions (MDX) and data cubes, either in-house or outsourced. This is an enormous hidden cost of EazyBI.
  • Initial setup. EazyBI is very far from a plug-and-play tool. Getting the tool going in the first place is labour-intensive, with demanding, time-consuming configuration required by people with the right technical skills.
  • Too much of a good thing. EazyBI reports can be over-complex and hard to digest. In other words, they can be overkill for most people’s needs.
  • Data, without context or commentary. As a result of all the complexity, EazyBI does a poor job of data storytelling. Engineering and product teams need to quickly understand the key takeaways about progress and projects without needing to trawl. EazyBI reports are innately contextless. They may tell you that something is a certain way, but not why or what next.
  • Can be inefficient with resources. Say you want to make a new report. You’ll need to call in your troops, brief them and wait for the turnaround before it is ready.

Stepsize AI: an alternative for non-enterprises

Stepsize AI is an AI-driven reporting tool for Jira and Linear. 

The arrival of powerful GenAI means it’s now possible to generate context-rich and accurate reports effortlessly.

Stepsize AI observes everything happening in your Jira account. It uses this to develop a deep understanding of the context of your projects and goals, and uses this alongside your data to create actionable weekly reports with the perfect amount of detail.

Your Stepsize AI report automatically shows you the metrics and data that matters, with scannable graphs and insights, and provides a rich yet concise commentary so you can understand what’s underneath the data.

In contrast to EazyBI, Stepsize AI lets you enjoy:

  • Streamlined, precise engineering reporting: hassle-free reporting with accurate, automated insights.
  • Quick and reliable reports: bring team members up to speed effortlessly with dependable, automatically generated reports.
  • Essential metrics, centralised: all the vital metrics in one location, without the need for complex setup.
  • Detailed insights on projects: delve into specific projects for a more comprehensive overview of what’s happened.
  • Spot antipatterns: effortlessly identify unexpected patterns and trends at a glance.

And of course, tool is built with security in mind – your data is secure, you’re in control, and it never trains any AI model.

How Stepsize AI Compares to EazyBI

Simplicity vs. complexity. Stepsize AI's simplicity and ease of use contrast with EazyBI's complexity, making it more accessible to a broader range of users.

Zero-setup vs. lifelong maintenance. Stepsize AI harnesses proprietary artificial intelligence to serve up that data that matters, in formats that make sense out-of-the-box. EazyBI is labour-intensive to set up, and to maintain. Both require specific technical skills in EazyBI.

Data storytelling vs. data only: The AI-driven approach of Stepsize AI offers unique insights delivered through data commentary that EazyBI, reliant on manual configurations, doesn't provide.

Stepsize AI offers the perfect alternative for small and medium-sized businesses who need access to actionable reports, without the overheads. We think it’s especially perfect for teams seeking a more intuitive, efficient, and secure way to handle their Jira reporting. 

While EazyBI offers you total customisability (at the cost of being resource-intensive), Stepsize AI democratises the data insights that matter with its AI-driven, zero-setup reports.

I've built Stepsize AI with my team, and I’d love to get your feedback.

Try out Stepsize AI free for two weeks here.

Never trawl through Slack, Jira or GitHub for updates again.

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How does EazyBI's business intelligence tool stack up against Stepsize AI for business metrics and reporting?
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