6 Geekbot Alternatives: Comparing Async Daily Standup Software in 2024

Ruth Dillon-Mansfield
Ruth Dillon-Mansfield
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There are some great asynchronous agile daily scrum and daily standup tools. We'll look at six excellent alternatives to Geekbot, including Stepsize, Status Hero, Dailybot, Jell, Range and Standuply.

The everyday standup session has become an indispensable strategy for software engineering teams eager to ensure alignment among members. 

That’s particularly true for distributed and remote teams, where achieving alignment requires more thought.

What is Geekbot?

Geekbot is a commonly used off-the-shelf daily standup tools for agile software development teams.

Like many competitors, it has hassle-free integration with tools like Slack and Teams, along with a range of templates spanning daily updates, team bonding, agile retrospectives and wellbeing.

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So why do teams end up looking for alternatives?

  • Asynchronous daily standups, while innovative, often present challenges — they can be labor-intensive, rely heavily on human input, and lack pinpoint accuracy.
  • Several teams gravitate towards more specialized standup software that extends beyond the typical functionalities and serves diverse purposes.
  • Teams often desire a more profound and extensive integration capability, coupled with enhanced project tracking features.

So what else is out on the market? Let’s take a look through.

1. Stepsize AI:

Stepsize AI has an AI-driven alternative to manual daily standups that I’m building with my team at Stepsize. 

It monitors project activities across all your communication platforms, such as Slack, Jira, GitHub and more, and develops a long-term memory of your projects.

It distils the crucial details from each day, and delivers digestible daily standup summaries automatically. Team members can add more detail or amend it first.

Stepsize AI Daily Standup Software screenshot

There’s more information about the daily standup feature here.

Add to that its innate ability to answer complex questions about your projects and activities, and you have an astute observer that updates, informs and answers.

Stepsize can do much more than just daily standups too – its Operational Intelligence Engine can also create:

Stepsize AI alignment and collaboration daily standup tool screenshot

Plus, it doesn’t require you to add any new tools. It can deliver bespoke updates and answer questions in tools you already use, like Slack.

See how Stepsize AI works or try it out here

2. Status Hero:

Another quick and laid-back tool for development teams to create their asynchronous daily standup

Status Hero agile daily standup software screenshot

Standout features:

  • Contribute super-fast status updates in Slack and Teams
  • Shows recent activity in a range of other tools such as GitHub and Zoom

My view: A close Standuply alternative that sticks to the basics for engineering teams that want to keep it simple. Many will appreciate the simplicity of the tool.

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3. Dailybot

Combining daily standups, retrospectives, and check-ins, Dailybot makes it possible to get status updates via a daily chat channel or even through an email. 

Dailyboth best daily standup tool screenshot

 Top Features:

  • Talk to ChatGPT from Slack, or get it to shallowly summarise things
  • A unified view of what your teammates talk about during daily standups.
  • Culture-enhancing tools like mood surveys, kudos, activities, and rewards.
  • Chatbot shortcuts and commands to speed things up.

My view: Good for looking for the jack-of-all-trades of the standup software world. Stepsize AI has much more powerful AI that brings the knowledge that matters across all your platforms to you, automatically. On the daily standup side, it’s another close alternative to GeekBot or Standuply. 

Learn more about Dailybot

4. Jell:

Geared towards performance, Jell is OKR and performance focussed.

Jell daily scrum tool  screenshot

Standout Features:

- Efficiently tracks Objective and Key Results (OKRs)

- Provides a snapshot into individual and collective performances

My view: A boon for performance-centric teams. While it might not be the most visually appealing tool on the list, its proficiency in managing OKRs gives it a clear niche.

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5. Range:

Transforming stand-ups into check-ins, Range provides its own interface to keep everyone informed and connected.

Range screenshot

Key Aspects:

  • Intuitive application interface
  • Gleans and shares information from platforms like Gmail and Zoom

My view: While its standalone web app might be a hit or miss depending on preferences around proliferating tools, its promise of clear and consistent sharing is undeniable. It’s a nice interface and it’s certainly good to be able to see useful information at a glance, such as if someone’s off in the morning.

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6. Standuply:

Standuply is another tool in this vein that focusses on solutions for strictly agile practice like daily scrums and retrospectives. Standuply integrates effortlessly with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Standuply screenshot

Key Highlights:

  • Enhances various agile processes 
  • Supports voice, video, and text responses
  • A knowledge repository with the Standuply Q&A system 

My view: A noteworthy alternative to Geekbot and its competitors that is focussed around delivering for agile-driven teams. It’s similarly easy to use and a good time-saver for teams that need to go asynchronous.

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The Road Ahead

We've mastered various strategies from synchronous meetings to Slack messages to maintain alignment, but it still consumes a significant chunk of our time.

Advanced LLMs mean alignment can be achieved more efficiently. 

That’s the thought behind Stepsize AI. 

By monitoring activities across tools used in product engineering and offering automatic recurring updates that require zero input (though you can input if you want!) you not only save time but achieve alignment in a far more accurate and efficient way than was ever possible before.

Read how Stepsize AI helped SenseHawk cancel 50+ hours of meetings every single week.

Never trawl through Slack, Jira or GitHub for updates again.

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There are some great asynchronous agile daily scrum and daily standup tools. We'll look at six excellent alternatives to Geekbot, including Stepsize, Status Hero, Dailybot, Jell, Range and Standuply.
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