JetBrains Plugin & Linking Code to Issues

Nick Omeyer
Nick Omeyer
2 min read
This month marks the release of a major update to our JetBrains IDE plugins — and we do mean major! We've rebuilt it from the ground up to leverage new JetBrains APIs and bring you the features we introduced in VSCode recently.

🧑‍💻 JetBrains plugin: bookmark code, create issues, and more

Stay in the flow and bookmark problematic code while you work, and create issues later on when you have a minute 🤓

Install or upgrade your JetBrains IDE plugin

💻 View the code linked to issues & resolve it to track your progress

Linking code to issues (and issues to code) is what makes Stepsize special.

We've done what we should've done a long time ago: put code at the centre of the issue page.

You can now easily see which code an issue relates to, and mark individual pieces of code as resolved as you work through the improvements.

See your issues

view the code linked
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